Republicans’ inflated egos need punctured


How about that Sarah Palin? She said that she hopes Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination for president. In her mind, she thinks that the Republican who wins their nomination will defeat Hillary.

The last time I checked, Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln were both dead. These are the only two Republicans I know of that would stand a chance of defeating her.

Maybe Sarah with her inflated ego thinks that she can defeat Hillary. I hope she does run and picks Michele Bachmann to be her running mate. Then Hillary will become the president with the most lopsided vote in American history.

Sarah won’t run, but there is still no one out there who will defeat Hillary. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Scott Walker, etc., have hurt every group and voting bloc in the U.S. and now they’ll be sucking up to women, veterans, the elderly, Hispanics, blacks, the poor and the working poor to try to get their votes.

Makes you kind of sick doesn’t it?

They get all their millions from people like The Koch Brothers to try to sway all of the aforementioned voters. But when it comes to legislation to help these people, then they show their true colors. All of their votes go toward tax breaks and cuts for their campaign donors and big corporations. They have wasted taxpayer money ($50 million and counting) by continuing to try to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, which is the law of the land.

I’ll tell you what else is a waste of taxpayer money, the taxes we pay for these do-nothing tea party Republicans in the form of wages and Cadillac health care plans. If you did absolutely nothing on your job, you would be fired.

These people have got to go, so let’s fire them in November.

Bud McKelvey

Hermitage, Pa.