Ref says Kennedy erred in firing coach


JFK … We Are Kennedy, We are Family!

I have two children who have attended Kennedy, one a current sophomore at West Virginia University, and one a seventh-grader. I was recently shocked to learn that Shawn Pompelia had been fired as the boys basketball coach.

I am chairperson for the Trumbull County Basketball Officials Association Scholarship Committee and we recently accepted applications for senior basketball players to receive a scholarship. We had one JFK player apply and the essay portion of his application prompted this letter.

Here are a few excerpts:

”I have learned that hard work is the key to opening every door there is.”

”We would break the huddle with family every time.”

”These people weren’t blood-related; they were Family.”

”For every hill, there is a valley. In life, things won’t always go your way.”

Interesting enough, Shawn attached a recommendation form for this young man. A few excerpts:

”I would be proud to have him as my son.”

”He was not a starter, but when he spoke, he had the respect of his teammates.”

”Played multiple sports, gave 100 percent and wanted to be part of the family.”

I have known Shawn for 30 years, as childhood rivals, as college summer league competitors, as professionals, as Shawn the coach and Jeff the official, and on a personal level as well. I was shocked and saddened to see that he would no longer be at JFK. JFK has taught my children many life lessons, and the one that comes to mind is ”Learn from your mistakes.”

JFK didn’t learn that lesson in 2007 when they let Pomp go the first time … I guess we will never learn.

Jeff Hoover


Hoover is the T.C.B.O.A. Scholarship chairperson.