Police need to response, respect

Dear Editor:

I am a concerned citizen and I would like to know one thing. We call the police when we need them. They take their sweet time coming out even when there are guns being pointed at people.

This is so wrong. People can’t even sit on their porches doing nothing, and you have neighbors being ignorant and starting on others. When will this stuff stop?

Seems to me we can’t even rely on the police anymore. When you do call them out, they are yelling at the wrong ones. Maybe we need new officers that will do their jobs.

I never thought in my 47 years I would really see the way that Warren police talk to people. It’s so ignorant to us citizens. The only time they would do something is when someone gets hurt, and that’s a shame.

I used to have respect for them. I know a few of them do do their jobs.

I hope and I pray that things will change here in Warren. We need peace, not killings.

Amy Fry