Message to driver who hit poodle


This is a message for the driver on Route 193 in Fowler, near Route 305 who didn’t slow down when he saw an apricot poodle in the road, and killed him instantly on June 9.

My husband and I were outside trimming the lilac bush when our 5-year-old poodle, Alfie, accidentally crossed the road, but wouldn’t come when called. At least the driver could have slowed down, but no. The driver didn’t even turn around and inspect what was hit or stop and offer condolences.

The driver took a precious family pet away from us. A grandma who enjoyed rocking him to sleep at night and a grandpa who after several surgeries and a weak heart has been very distraught all week. I wonder if the driver ever saw a grown man of 80 cry? This dog helped him a great deal with his health.

I hope the driver realizes what was done after reading this letter.

Bernice McClintock