JFK: A place to learn strong values


In reference to your front page article on the abuse group protesting the appointments of Monsignor Zuraw and Mr. Kenneally, this group doesn’t appear too smart.

As you pointed out, Kenneally has been with John F. Kennedy for only four years. It is laughable that a deacon in 1976 could have accused Zuraw of having anything to do with abuse. In 1976, Zuraw could not have been any older than 15 or 16, probably a sophomore in high school.

Bishop Murry continues to do everything he possibly can to help the victims of abuse.

How long can you keep punishing individuals who had nothing to do with these abuses for the actions of very sick people?

We had children attend JFK from 1974 to 2000, and it was one of the best choices we made as parents.

This school continues to teach the faith and values every parent wants for their children.

Kathleen Vennetti