Damaging speed bumps unnecessary


All of the speed bumps should be outlawed and removed both in the many plazas and roadways which exist today.

Due to the delicate front-end suspensions technology of today’s cars, it is very dangerous and they can do major damage with any front-end alignment and their independent tie-rod mechanism. Today’s cars do not have the old shock absorber which would have handled such unnecessary speed bumps.

All of these speed bumps need to be replaced with either the rumble strips – such as used with approaching the toll gate of the Turnpike and / or construction lane changes on the major highway – or the manual stop sign in a concrete base with the designated crosswalk.

The sole purpose to slow the car traffic speed within the many plazas and / or roadways will cause the cars approaching such speed bumps not to slow down but to come to a complete stop in order to crawl over these very unnecessary speed bumps.

Many times within some plazas are these speed bumps and then about three feet after crossing the speed bump is a stop sign with its designated crosswalk for the pedestrian. Another example of why to eliminate all speed bumps permanently.

Neil D. Frasca