Being disabled is now based on credit score


I have numerous disabilities that prevent me from working outside of the home. In 2012 I requested assistance from the Ohio Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation to start a business.

Over a year later I was approved in category 1 (most severely disabled). One week before the contractor was due to start on my work area, my landowner became greedy, and I lost the property.

Three months later I obtained a new area and was ready to go. I was informed that I had to reapply and start over. Yeah, another year to waste.

Six months into the process I was informed that I would be denied because BVR does not do self-employment anymore. Also, my denial was based on the fact that five years ago I had to file bankruptcy due to my medical problems.

My problem with this is since when does help for the disabled have to be based on their credit history? I was told that since I cannot obtain personal financing and cannot bring anything to the table, they cannot assist me. This tells me that the only people they will help are those who do not need this type of help . . . the wealthy.

I do not know too many people who have become disabled that do not have some financial problems due to loss of job and income. When trying to bring this to light, every government office passes the buck onto the next.

Where does this stop, basing everything on your credit history? Now, even being disabled is based on a credit score.

Dianamarie Ford

West Farmington