Young people need to get act together


I have been listening for the last five years to the young people of today. To the young women, you have taken us back to the 1960s, and I do not like it. Do you know that we had a hard time even finding a doctor who would even prescribe birth control pills, yet WE paid for them; no one else did. They just came out in the early ’60s.

It was even harder to get a job because you were just married.

We had goals – get married, have a job, buy a house, then have one or two children, because that was how many we could afford to raise.

Fast forward to 1978. The divorce rate in the U.S. was the highest. Trumbull County was No. 1 in the country. There were many dilemmas women faced – sell our houses and find apartments that would rent to us with children; we had to get credit in our names and paid for child care with no tax credit.

And you know what, ladies? We did it all without the help of the government.

With all these methods of birth control, why are you still getting pregnant? You have given up the freedoms we have worked so hard for. Here we are, 41 years after Roe v. Wade, and our government is still arguing about it.

This is not just a woman’s issue, this is also a man’s issue. You never hear about men taking on this issue as their responsibility, ever. Men need to get neutered, fixed or snipped.

Americans have to pay for their Viagra. It is in Obamacare. Why are the men in Washington so hung up on abortion or birth control? This should be between the woman, her doctor and God.

Every election this subject is brought up for discussion. To this young generation, sorry, I call you foolish. Social issues do not belong in politics.

Get a job; we did. Become taxpaying citizens. These schools will not pay for themselves, and the baby boomers are done paying for them.

If you have children in school, you are going to have to pay what the average homeowner pays in taxes; it is that simple. Quit depending on your parents. Quit whining. Quit depending on the government for one day. They will run out of money. Get off YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and shut your phones off.

If you like your cellphone, electricity, drinking water, hot water, flushing your commode, warmth of your furnace – all these things you take for granted – I suggest you get in touch with your politicians in Washington to get moving on a bill called The Shield Act. It is a bill to protect our power grids here in America. Now this is an issue we should be concerned about, not who is going to pay for your birth control or Viagra pills, or who can bake a cake in Arizona.

Ruth Lilley