Urgent plea to help The Christy House


The Christy House Emergency Shelter, located at 919 Main Ave. S.W., is celebrating 30 years of helping homeless people in need of food and shelter. This is the ONLY true shelter in our community. When, and if, a person ever has to go there, they don’t have you join a program or ask you to give up your cell phone or not speak to anyone outside of the house. It’s an emergency shelter and provides meals and shelter to those who need it.

The Christy House is run by the Greater Warren Youngstown Urban League, and due to a retirement, recently gained a new house manager who was promoted from the then-manager, Harold Smith, to the new manager, Beth Latimer. The home still urges all residents to use their 30-day stay wisely, i.e., looking for jobs, housing and any other issues which may have helped lead them into the situation they are in. The home will not tolerate drinking, drugs and violence.

The Christy House, when beds are available, not only allows single men and women, but families that have come in crisis. No other facility in Trumbull County allows a family to stay together except this home. None.

Funding cuts have stretched the budget for the shelter, and any type of donation, whether it be clothing, meats, milk, a grocery gift card, or money would be greatly appreciated.

Why help this place? The answer is simple; during the times we live in there is no guarantee that someone reading this article won’t be the next person or family member looking for shelter. There is a place to go, and I, as a former resident of this shelter, am asking for you to help, whether it’s in the event you or a family member are close to this, or if you and an organization want to help this shelter to survive.

Remember them throughout the year. May the joy of giving be in your heart. This is an unsolicited and open letter to my community.

Kevin L. Smith