Tea Party running mate speculation


I was wondering who the Tea Party hopefuls for president would pick as their running mates in the 2016 presidential election.

1. Ted Cruz, and we all know that he would choose Dr. Suess because of his stance on green eggs and ham.

2. Rand Paul. He seems awfully hung up on Monica Lewinsky lately, so it would probably be her.

3. Paul Ryan. He was picked to be VP in 2012, so he should return the favor and pick the “mitten.”

4. Donald Trump. It would be hard for Trump to pick a running mate, but his choice would probably be someone like Ann Coulter. If nothing else they could compare hair.

5. Michele Bachmann. Who else but Sarah Palin. Palin ruined John McCain’s bid to become president and would do the same thing to Michele. Thank God.

The middle class would be the true winners in the 2016 election if none of the Tea Party Republicans mentioned above decided to run, and whoever did run wouldn’t stand a chance. They keep digging themselves a bit deeper in the hole every day.

They can’t win the Hispanic vote, the black vote, the veterans’ vote, the women’s vote, the elderly vote, the union vote and the poor and working poor vote. Who else is there but the rich, the greedy corporations and nuts like Ted Nugent and the Duck Dynasty bunch?

I heard someone say on TV that Gov. John Kasich would be a good candidate for president. Are you kidding me? Disenfranchising thousands of voters is not how you win an election. It didn’t work in 2012, and it won’t work in 2016.

Face it, Tea Party Republicans, you will have to deal with Hillary for at least four years, and I’ll be loving every minute of it.

Bud McKelvey

Hermitage, Pa.