Society’s damage to the planet shameful


Uniformity vs. God’s gift to mankind. Science teaches for every positive force there’s an equal negative force. Do religion and science mix? You can be the judge.

We have heard, ”Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” The trends of our time may appear good to some; however, the consequence is significant damage to the environment. Homeowners hire companies to spray their lawns during summer to kill unwanted weeds and pests. A food source is also being killed – the dandelion.

The dandelion is free food for consumption. It offers a significant nutritional value, as in salads, cooked greens or wine. In today’s world, we should be looking for any means to save money. Times are tough.

In the beginning of summer, the dandelion’s appearance of bright yellow flowers color the new spring lawns from the cold grey of the past winter. It is part of our four seasons God’s painting of nature for us to enjoy.

With dandelions come other aspects of nature. The now-scarce honeybees help pollinate 30 percent of our edible plants. The honeybee offers much more than just honey. With today’s trend of ”perfect lawn” manicures, we have managed to unbalance the biological order of nature.

At one time, natural springs were just about everywhere, from which humans could drink. The chemicals we used on our lawns helped poison our natural springs, which no longer exist.

What has this evolved into? We now buy our dandelions, water and honey in a chain store and are committing genocide of the honeybee. At one time, it was all free in your yard or your surrounding neighborhood. How could society manage to eliminate these valuable resources from our world?

Today’s culture has accepted a belief of what the appearance of our surroundings should be without reasoning the harmful effects on our environment over time. Yes, I truly believe only God can paint a perfect picture. As you can gather, man has tried and failed.

Paul Lawson