Shorten time frame for death penalty


Every time I read about a death row inmate suffering while being put to death, I just want to scream. So what? Who cares if they suffer? I think the suffering is just too good for them.

I think about the victims and what they had to endure. The people who oppose the death penalty aren’t seeing the whole picture. Put yourselves in the shoes of the victims and their families.

I think the death penalty should be done in a more timely manner. Inmates shouldn’t spend 20-plus years on death row. The maximum time should be 10 years and then the sentence should be carried out.

The idea that Danny Lee Hill wants a new trial on some bogus evidence would be laughable if it weren’t tragic. He should have met his maker a long time ago. That animal is still living the “good” life and now he wants a new trial. He has played the system far too long.

Texas seems to be the only state that knows how to carry out the lethal injection. I suggest other states find out how they do it and then copy the procedure.

If we do away with the death penalty, there is nothing left for killers to fear. I just think the time frame should be shortened by 20 years. That would be cause for killers to maybe rethink killing someone.

The new gun laws allowing people to carry guns everywhere may not do a darned thing to avert killing. What’s wrong with people who feel the need to carry weapons everywhere? Haven’t we had enough killing in workplaces and schools?

I just don’t know where all this will end. If anyone has a solution, I’d like to know what it is.

Pat Zoccali