It is up to Liberty residents to vote for road levy


For those who live in Liberty: I have been a resident of this township for approximately 55 years and have voted for the levies to keep our township up to date. I cannot believe Liberty residents would not want to vote for this ”Road Tax Levy” and help keep our township roads in good condition.

Residents complain about the condition of our roads but don’t seem to want to help solve the problem. It is beyond my thinking that our residents refuse to vote for levies, they are stuck in the ”old” days when we were a very ”affluent” community; those days are gone. We have become the ”step-child” of the tri-county area, no one wants us to be anything other than a ”sleepy” bedroom community, and that is not going to get us any revenue other than property taxes.

No businesses seem to be interested in locating in our township, our roads are deplorable, our schools are in a mess and our homes, if we can sell them, are almost worthless. All of the growth has been happening south and north of us for years; this township NEEDS growth, motels are not the answer. We need businesses to want to commit to building here.

Please, I urge all of you to vote for this road tax levy and the renewal levy for the schools.

I am truly concerned about our township, our trustees can only do so much the rest is up to the residents.

Janice Ferry