Howland Schools need to make do like taxpayers do


Wake up, Howland taxpayers! Here we go again! On May 6, when you go to vote, you better be aware that if the Howland School levy passes, you won”t only have to open your wallet, you’ll have to open a vein to once again support “excellence” in the Howland School System.

What part of “no” didn’t Superintendent Sheets and the Howland school board understand? Didn’t the voters say “no” the last time?

Once again, Howland taxpayers need to consider the following:

The Howland schools have come back to the voters for an “emergency” levy once in 2004 and 2009, and there is a 10-year emergency levy that will not expire until the year 2022.

Add on to those facts, the recent decision of our school board to impose a 2.4-mill levy (currently being collected at 2.1 mills) on taxpayers because of their decision to attach us permanently to the Trumbull Career and Technical Center in Champion. Be aware that we as taxpayers did not get to vote the move from Ashtabula Technical to TCTC.

So, not only will voters be paying the 2.1-mill levy, but our school district is again begging for an additional 3.9-mill “emergency” levy. The passage of the 3.9-mill emergency levy will bring an additional whopping 6 mills added onto the voters’ property taxes.

According to a Trumbull County auditor, the Howland School District receives 35.6 mills, but with the possible passage of the 3.9-mill levy, it could possibly bring it up to 41.6 mills.

When will it be enough?

And if the passage of the 3.9-mill emergency levy is so crucial for the continued “excellence” of the Howland Schools, then the school board’s vote to first attach us permanently to Champion’s TCTC should be questionable.

Considering the fact that a substantial slice of Howland’s property owners are retired and on fixed incomes, and others have lost jobs due to the failing economy, the school board’s decisions seem to be very greedy and disconnect with the Howland taxpayers.

Many people are struggling just to keep their homes and properties and are forced to just “make do.” I suggest the Howland Schools start doing the same. If these levies keep coming, no one will be able to live in the “world class community” of Howland.

Pamela S. Plesea