Fuda steps in to help the little guys in town

Dear Editor:

This is the first time I have ever written a letter to the newspaper. What prompted me into writing is a political sign that I have displayed in the lawn of my family diner, Times Square Restaurant. As I came in to cook Friday morning I noticed another candidate had placed her sign in front of my sign for Frank Fuda. I guess they are both running for the same office. No one asked me to place the other candidate’s sign in my yard. This was done in the evening without my consent, which brings my post.

I have owned my little ma and pop restaurant for five years. During my ownership, we have had multiple troubles with the EPA. I have been in the news on TV and on your front page several times. I am an everyday American working to make ends meet. I have been trying to keep our little restaurant open and keep my 14 employees working.

This has been a difficult task in itself. The EPA was suing us for $46 million. I have called upon multiple political people for help. I have been hung up on. I have been told to write a letter. I have been told they don’t handle this or that. I will never vote for any of them again.

When I called Frank Fuda’s office, he was on another line. I thought, here we go again, another story someone is telling me and I will have no help again. Believe it or not, he returned my call within five minutes. He also listened to me. He told me he would check into this story and get back to me.

I cannot tell you the help he has done for me and all my 14 workers. We are still open. Frank has my respect for the great job he does for our community. He worked for me. I’m an average Joe, no big name, no big bank account, just an average citizen with a problem. He treated me as if I was the president.

We need more politicians to work for us the way he helped me. I hope our local people vote to keep him in office. We need people like him to help us the little guys.

Carol Wilson