Candidate acted in poor taste at funeral


My uncle, Garry Gilger, passed away on April 5, 2014. He had his calling hours and service the night after at a church in Cortland.

During the calling hours, a car with political signs on it pulled in and parked, and the candidate started to get out of the car to campaign. At the funeral of a man who passed away unexpectedly, not to mention on his birthday.

Our family, along with many friends, were very grief stricken. My uncle was a well-known area artist. He originally painted the under the water scene on the old Central Cafe building in downtown Warren, along with hundreds of cars, bikes and other buildings. He even had a portrait published in Easy Rider. He had a great talent and was very well known.

Everyone there was totally appalled that a politician would stoop so low to try to campaign at a funeral. This is not someone who I want handling any type of government affairs. A ton of votes were lost from people at the funeral who all agreed what poor taste this was.

Kelli Gilger Semenko