Vote for Joyce


There is clearly only one choice for Congress this May and it is Dave Joyce.

Congressman Joyce is a former Geauga County prosecutor; a position he held for more than 20 years. He is a principled conservative who is a real penny pincher.

As prosecutor he returned money back to the general fund every year and now in Congress he has done the same thing. He returned more than $100,000 from his office budget back to the U. S. Treasury.

Congressman Joyce also has a 100 precent pro-life voting record and is endorsed by the National Right to Life. He is a gun owner and hunter; a lifelong Second Amendment supporter. He is endorsed by the NRA and has a 100 percent NRA voting record.

It is an easy choice for me and should be for you too. Lets send Congressman Joyce to Washington.

Melissa Pope

Saybrook Township