Roads won’t get done without levy


After a winter of navigating potholes, wouldn’t it be nice to see the crews out re-surfacing our roads – not just patching and filling the caverns temporary fixes?

In Liberty, resurfacing will not happen unless the citizens vote yes for the road levy on May 6.

Nobody wants higher property taxes. But the reality is, we’ve lost the inheritance tax that used to fund some of our road repair, on top of heavy cuts to federal and state monies for roads.

There is a budget for salt and for materials to fill potholes, but no money for repaving.

The township has created a list of roads that need resurfacing over the next several years, including Ravine, Tibbetts Wick, Keefer, Naylor Lloyd, and many others. It costs about $100,000 to resurface one mile of road; Liberty has 60 miles of roads. Our levy money can be stretched by county grant money in some cases, but the grants require matching money, which must come from the levy.

The levy money will be used only for roads. It is not an instant fix, but if it fails to pass we can be sure that things will only get worse. Passing it is our best hope for better roads in the future.

Liz Hill