Pro, con viewpoints on Mathews bond levy

Levy would bolsters chances for Mathews students’ successes


As a longtime resident of the Mathews School District, I would like to urge voters to approve the Mathews bond issue on May 6.

Mathews schools are excellent, and it would be great to see our students have the advantages that this new school building would provide for them.

My husband and I had three children go through Mathews schools, graduate with honors and go on to graduate from college and do well in their chosen fields.

Unfortunately, jobs were not available for them in this area, so our grandchildren do not attend school here. But I would like the children here to have the chance to benefit from modern technology, some of which is difficult to accomplish in our current buildings.

It is time to replace our 100-year-old building that is costly to maintain. A new building housing all grades would also save money in several ways, such as combined custodial services, shared cafeteria, shared library / media center, utilities and better staff flexibility.

We as a community could also benefit from an increase in our property values by having a school that would entice people with children to move into our district.

As a senior citizen, I understand the financial burden on those of us with a fixed income. The cost per household broken down to a daily cost is not as prohibitive as looking at a yearly cost. We all spend money on nonessentials. Aren’t our children a more important investment?

Please consider all the facts before placing your vote on May 6.

Anna Hirschinger


Mathews levy would improve schools, efficiency


The Ohio School Boards Association strongly encourages voters to support Mathews Local School District’s bond issue on the May 6 ballot.

The 9.35-mill issue would enable the district to build a new K-12 facility to replace its 99-year-old middle / high school building. It would cost the owner of a $100,000 home just 89 cents a day, or $6.29 a week, and bring in more than $5 million in state funding to help construct the new facility.

The Ohio School Facilities Commission, under its Exceptional Needs Program, has approved Mathews Local to receive $5.6 million toward the construction cost of the new K-12 facility. However, the district must pass the bond issue to raise the remaining $24.7 million needed to fund the $30.3 million project.

The new complex would be built on the current Baker Elementary School site and provide Mathews Local students with the same educational benefits as those in neighboring districts, including up-to-date technology.

A single campus would allow for more efficient use of staff and, most importantly, provide a safe learning environment, with security as the paramount design factor. It also would reduce district transportation and utilities costs.

I strongly encourage residents to support the educational excellence and safety of their community’s children by voting for the Mathews Local bond issue on May 6.

Jeff Chambers

Director of Communication Services, Ohio School Boards Association

Vote no – again – on Mathews levy


Here we go again. The Mathews Local School board is putting another bond issue on the May primary ballot to build a new school complex. This has already been voted down.

Included in the bond issue costs would be to purchase baseball fields. Why are we funding baseball fields for 37 years?

In November, a renewal of 9.25 mills was passed, which was not due to be renewed until the end of 2014. I am sure this was done early as to not interfere with the new school bond issue.

The Ohio Schools Facilities Commission’s share is only 19 percent verses our 81 percent. Does this mean if a new school is built, we do not have to pass another levy to keep it going like most of the other new schools around have done?

The state budget increased funding to schools. In the April 7, 2014, Trumbull County Legal News, it stated that the Senate approved the bill that gives $675 million for construction costs toward primary and secondary schools for repairs and new buildings.

There has not been much upkeep on the buildings we have, and that is why they are less than desirable.

The owner of a $100,000 home would pay approximately $330 more per year. That, to me, is a lot of money. I just can’t afford it. I, like many others in the district, am on a fixed income and just cannot afford more taxes. Most people who live in the district do not have jobs or have low incomes, and 37 years is a long time.

As stated by Anna Hirschinger on WKBN 27 News, “… if you want something bad enough, you can find the money for it.” Are we supposed to give up our medicine for a new school?

Ann Pacileo stated, ”It’s interesting to hear 5-, 6-, 7- and 8-year-olds say they want computers, they want science labs.” It’s not about what the kids want. Is the Board of Education going to help pay for my taxes or the many others who cannot afford it?

There have already been several homes foreclosed on in this district. It seems to me they will try to do anything for a new school, to keep up with the Joneses, even if it means making people relocate because they cannot afford to live in this area.

As stated in the Tribune Chronicle letter to the editor by Joyce Liste of Warren, “Remember what goes on your tax bill will stay on your tax bill even when the district’s financial picture continues to improve or when more state funding becomes available. The district will always find ways to spend it. And soon enough, they will be back to ask for more.”

Please vote no on this levy, and do not make me choose between my medicine or my taxes.

Carole Cross