Official made sure project took off


The reason I am writing this letter on behalf of Trumbull County Commissioner Frank Fuda is because Mr. Fuda has gone above and beyond in his effort to assist one of his constituents in Trumbull County.

I called Commissioner Fuda about the problem on my property in Vienna. I had some developmental and environmental issues that were slowing down the construction of new office buildings.

Once informed of my problem, Commissioner Fuda immediately took action by calling the soil and water conservation office and the Trumbull County Building Department to move my project forward as quickly as possible.

Constructing these office buildings will create jobs for Vienna and other Trumbull County residents. Thanks to Commissioner Fuda, I am moving forward with my construction project in a timely manner. Through his efforts, a very productive meeting was arranged with Mike Wilson, Trumbull County Soil and Water District director, and his assistant, Marcus.

Furthermore, Commissioner Fuda also arranged a meeting with Mike Sliwinski, chief building inspector for Trumbull County. Thereafter, Commissioner Fuda followed up on a zoning issue with Vienna Township. As a Trumbull County contractor and developer, I am truly amazed at the effort he put forward to find a solution to my problem.

My hat’s off to Commissioners Frank Fuda, Paul Heltzel and Daniel Polivka, and the construction staff members who work in Trumbull County offices.

Jeff Jardine