Kids need to be taught responsibility


I noticed what I consider odd behavior.

A teacher arrested for paddling a child; a drug dealer charged when someone ODs and dies.

Why is this odd to me?

I grew up in the 1950s and early 60s. Paddling was understood and expected from both parents and teachers. It let you know who was in charge and what behavior would not be tolerated. It is called personal responsibility, and it is not absorbed, it is taught. When I entered the Marines after high school, there were even higher prices to pay for misconduct besides a simple paddling.

Did I get paddled? You bet I did. I was a rebel, and although the paddling didn’t stop me, it sure slowed me down a lot allowing me to graduate, barely after all, I was a rebel.

Here’s what I told my children: This is your life after you leave my house. I am not responsible for your actions. If you want to become a junkie or a criminal or pill head, that’s up to you.

The point is, the teacher isn’t responsible for them getting a paddling. The drug dealer isn’t responsible for them shoving that needle into their arm.

I’m sure they know or should if they’re going to use the drugs.

What happened to teaching personal responsibility to our young people?

I am not a Christian but I know right from wrong. I am honorably discharged from the Marines. Maybe the paddling paid off.

John Guerini