Joyce is one of us


I often only glance at some of the letters that appear here and then move on because many of them ramble . . . and ramble and ramble.

I want to make a short and terse comment on the coming Republican primary, I could also ramble on about how Congressman Dave Joyce returns a large portion of his salary to the district or how he has voted against the more flagrant issues of Obamacare. I could even point out how he consistently votes to cut the fat on many budgetary issues.

However . . . just to make it short and sweet. I’m voting for Congressman Joyce because he puts his district ahead of the party. His title is Representative and that’s what he does . . . he represents us because he is one of us.

He’s not a big city politician out of that corrupt machine that has been running Cuyahoga County nor is he one of those opportunity-seekers who jumps into whatever race is available.

Return Dave Joyce to Congress. It’s as close as you’ll ever get to casting your own vote on the vital issues that effect you. You only get one turn in the voting booth so make it count for you.

Tom Beers