Candidate vows to never fail as advocate

Candidate vows to never fail as advocate


Lord Acton stated, ”Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

Currently, the Republicans in Ohio enjoy almost a 2-to-1 margin in the House and Senate and 100 percent in the executive branch.

The last bastion of checks and balances is the fourth branch known as the media. Unfortunately, at least in this instance, the Tribune Chronicle seems determined to provide talking points for the current Republican administration rather than practice the art of journalism and dive into the numbers.

Out-of-control increases in spending and taxes by the Republican-controlled state government are absolute and undeniable. Worse yet, the tax dollars we send to Columbus are being diverted to pet projects favored by bureaucrats and lobbyists rather than being sent home to improve our schools and roads, and to give our local and county governments the tools they need to provide necessary services. The local Warren newspaper should not be defending that.

The Kasich Administration has shown a complete disregard for the needs of our local communities. Republicans, independents and Democrats alike support the notion of decentralized and local control, and fear centralized collection and control of tax money.

The sad fact is that money sent to Washington or Columbus historically does not find its way back to Trumbull County and the working people who paid those taxes. Worse yet, when it does come back, it is not enough to cover necessary services and has strings and unfunded mandates attached. Both parties are guilty in this taxpayer swindle, but the party in charge of Ohio should be held accountable to the people for its actions.

My only promise is to work harder at this job than any other job I’ve had. That means fighting to bring tax and grant dollars home where they belong and institute smarter programs in Columbus.

You can bet Ken MacPherson will be working for our district and region in Columbus. The government, politicians, corporations and media may fail to do their jobs, but I will never fail to do mine. I’ll be there to advocate on behalf of the people.

Ken MacPherson


Candidate for the Ohio House 64th District