Bloomfield trustee backs bid by Joyce


Too often in our world, elected officials forget that they are public servants. Those of us in the 14th District are fortunate to have a congressman, Dave Joyce, who hasn’t forgotten that fact.

I was privileged to meet Congressman Joyce in person when he came to Bloomfield in December to participate in swearing in a group of us newly elected and re-elected trustees from northern Trumbull County. The fact that he would take the time to come to our little corner of his large district speaks to the kind of person he is.

Congressman Joyce spoke briefly to us that evening about what public service means to him, and it was apparent to those of us who heard him speak that what he said came from his heart.

Congressman Joyce has a challenger in the upcoming primary who has made claims that he is not conservative enough.

Congressman Joyce has voted 19 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Congressman Joyce is a fiscal conservative who practices what he preaches. He returned $100,000 of his own office budget back to the treasury. This is something he also did every year when he was the Geauga County prosecutor for 24 years. Congressman Joyce introduced a bill – the SAVE Act – that would cut $200 billion in government waste and duplicative programs.

Those of us who are concerned about how the Constitution seems to be ignored by our current president should take note that Congressman Joyce recently signed on as a sponsor of the STOP (Stop This Overreaching Presidency) Act, which holds President Obama accountable for his executive overreach as well as bills to hold the IRS accountable and demand answers from the tragedy in Benghazi.

Congressman Joyce is pro-life, pro-family and pro-gun. He has been endorsed by National Right to Life and the NRA. That sounds pretty conservative to me.

I feel Congressman Joyce is a genuine public servant who has done what we sent him to Washington to do and has represented the 14th District well. He has my vote on May 6.

Roger Peterson

Bloomfield Township Trustee