U.S. should save us from GMOs


We tell our children they live in the greatest country on the earth. Since the introduction of genetically modified organisms into our food, that has changed to one of the sickest countries on the earth. We have fallen to 38th out of 50 countries, earning this generation the title of ”Generation RX,” according to CNN.

Food is globally distributed. Why does America’s food have to be GMO? The exact same products sent to 64 other countries are GMO-free.

Is it OK with you that the FDA poisons us a little at a time, raising the chemicals allowed in our food from 6ppm to 40ppm? If your neighbor would knowingly poison your dog, he would be jailed. GMOs need to be labeled so we have a choice. I do not have a taste for death.

Our government manipulates what gets put onto our plates by subsidizing unhealthy GMO food, bringing the cost way down, and forcing healthy farming practices nearly into extinction. We should not have to be detectives to know what is in our food.

Government has allowed chemical companies in the last century to acquire significant power that is destroying all of nature and sickening our people. They have brought a Goliath into being.

In 1962, Rachel Carson wrote ”Silent Spring,” which brought about awareness to the devastation of chemicals. She met fierce opposition by the chemical companies, but it spurred a reversal of the National Pesticide Policy, which led to a nationwide ban on DDT and other pesticides.

Now we have second-generation GMO seeds getting sprayed with the active ingredient in Agent Orange. I thought we were supposed to move forward, not backward. Who is protecting us?

Our Constitution protects us. We are not a democracy; we are a republic. ”And to the republic for which it stands one nation under God.” Our rights cannot be voted away from us.

I am asking for your help. We need to move with urgency. We all eat! Use your God-given power to slay the giant.

Robin Liddle