Support agriculture by buying locally


Recovery from the 2012 Midwest drought persists. A current drought exists in the West and in South America and Australia … all this affects our food prices and will continue to do so for some time to come.

Let’s encourage local farming.

Recent decades have shown a steady decrease in small farms. Pricing was the big culprit. But since we are now facing sustained price increases, why not return to local, small farms? Would we rather pay for crops grown elsewhere or ”buy local?”

The week of March 23 to 30 is National Agriculture week, with March 25 as the National Ag Day. This is a time to reflect on agriculture and its importance in our daily lives. (That’s easy to do with rising prices clutching our wallets at each visit to the store).

We can participate in agriculture by joining CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture programs). With a CSA, consumers subscribe to a weekly program to purchase the offerings of the local grower. Many CSAs exist in northeast Ohio – one in Trumbull County is Red Basket Farm in Kinsman.

Besides CSAs, we support local agriculture by purchasing from urban growers and roadside stands that provide fresh-and-local produce and goods.

Let’s rethink past decisions about agriculture. Grow at home. Support redevelopment of local and regional farms.

Leanne Turner