Passive revolution in play once again


Antonio Gramsci was an Italian politician who coined the term, “passive revolution.” This is a slow and gradual metamorphosis of a society through tactics such as education, language, religion and media.

During Jimmy Carter’s presidency the United States Department of Education was created. Carter was a member of the Trilateral Commission along with his vice president, secretary of state and others who held high office.

The Trilateral Commission wrote a report titled “Crisis of Democracy;” in short, the document stated a need to restore the authority of our central government, rein in the media and lower job expectations. George Bush came up with No Child Left Behind and now there is a push toward common core education.

Are we purposely dumbing down society so people are willing to accept less and not question authority? Has the Trilateral Commission succeeded in its goals?

The second tactic is language; this theory revolves around the idea of creating a new culture of superiority in our society. By controlling and influencing the language we use in our society, one can begin to exert control over how we speak and eventually how we think.

The term ”political correctness” comes to mind, and no matter where you turn these days someone is pointing out the faults in those who fail to use the politically correct terms, thus showing everyone that they’re the superior one. Is freedom of speech, freedom of expression vanishing?

The third is religion; or should I say discrediting the importance of religion today. Often we hear terms such as old fashion, no longer relevant for our modern life. Instead of practicing our religious beliefs we are encouraged to discount them. The advantages of learning compassion, forgiveness, morality, ethics or just basic human decency are considered out of date.

”Looking out for number one and what’s in it for me” is the new mantra coupled with a healthy measure of apathy. Many people feel that they don’t need to help others because it’s the government’s job, that’s what taxes are for. Is that really what our tax dollars are for?

The fourth tactic is media control. The one that controls the airwaves is able to repeat the values and morals that they deem beneficial to their cause. This cause can be anything from promoting an industry for financial gain or denouncing currently held freedoms and liberties in the guise of citizen safety and security for a power grab.

These messages are never blunt; they are cleverly crafted and slowly fed to the public as to not raise opposition. The media has great influence and control over the opinions of the general public since most fail to ask why. Machiavelli’s ”The Prince” is well known and it’s still the basic floor plan for gaining and sustaining power and control.

We need to stay vigilant and continue to ask why and hold the elected leaders accountable for their action or inaction. Lies and half-truths shouldn’t be tolerated.

Tim Santell