Ohio smokers being punished by taxes

Ohio smokers being punished by taxes


Politicians looking for easy money is nothing new. After all the overspending government does, someone has to pay. But what about John and Jane Doe on Main Street in any city in Ohio? What are they going to do as smokers?

Public health and some political types love the idea of high taxes on cigarettes because it means some will try to quit. The higher the taxes, the healthier the state, right? But what makes it their business what private citizens do? I know, the world’s gone nanny crazy preaching about this harm and that, that only creates population control. You know, governing with the tax code while saying they care about our health and well being.

Concern that only breaks the budgets of the poor. Smokers already buy a pack of cigarettes from the tobacco companies and then buy it again from the state and federal tax man. Who else is taxed like this?

And this is still not enough for Gov. John Kasich? How can the freedom we are supposed to have stand up against this? It doesn’t.

So 23 percent of Ohio’s population smokes. Most of these people will have their budgets slammed so others who pay the income tax can get a break. Give us a break.

Putting more pain on people who are grossly overtaxed already is insane. Shifting tax burdens in the name of tax cutting is also insane. I guess being well off or privileged will not let you see how long and hard the poor have to work for their money.

For smokers, some of their backs have been broken already. Please do not do anymore damage.

Freedom dictates smokers’ lives belong to them, not the state. Stop all the political money grabs.

Dave Pickrell

President and founder,

Smokers Fighting Discrimination Inc.

Katy, Texas