Mallard Fillmore letters

Writer votes for the duck, and facts over fancy


In the Sunday paper, there were two letters from two gentlemen that pointed out their distinct political philosophies and the differences.

One man from Warren was very upset about a daily cartoon that lampoons his party and its stance. What he fails to notice (in my opinion) is the fine print in the cartoon giving the source for the idiotic comments being made, mostly by liberals. The artist is usually not inventing the foibles of the politicians, just highlighting them.

Chill out, Mr. Warren. It is a political cartoon, for crying out loud, and the format has been around since the invention of the printing press.

Now on to the gentleman from Mineral Ridge. Sir, how dare you use facts that can be verified instead of just mouthing stories of which you have no knowledge? As you point out, slavery is still going on and our ancestors, most of whom came here from Europe, had nothing to do with what went on several centuries ago.

Last week I heard a black gentleman say that there are streets in Akron which make him fearful if he sees several black youths walking toward him, more than if they were white youths. He could probably say that about Warren and Youngstown or any other city.

The FBI stats go back quite a few years, and they aren’t just drawn out of thin air.

Elias Vujovich


Avid reader’s response: Please keep the duck


Mallard Fillmore is the first comic strip I read when I get to the comic section of the Tribune Chronicle. If it’s a busy day, it may be the only comic strip I read.

The absurdity, contradictory logic and humor of current events observed and depicted by Bruce Tinsley is second to none in my opinion, which by the way, I do not intend to force upon anyone.

It never ceases to amaze me how some people will preach tolerance until they come across something they don’t like. At that point, they whine, “Ban it,” “Drop it,” or “I don’t like it, so nobody else should either.”

There are several comic strips in the Tribune Chronicle I will not read because I don’t like them for one reason or another. It’s really easy – if you don’t like a certain comic strip, don’t read it.

Please keep the duck.

Bob Harrington


Mallard solution: Don’t read it


Having read Mike Rooster’s letter, I find it most ridiculous. So, get over it, Mike. I’m sure that a liberal such as yourself can figure out the remedy to your problem quite easily- just don’t read that comic strip.

Patricia Burns