Godly principles needed for living


A recent announcement by President Obama concerning the federal minimum wage seems to be further evidence that he, along with many Washington politicians, believes bribery will win elections.

The sad truth is they may be right. It is possible that we have reached the point that Benjamin Franklin feared when he said, in essence, when the people of our nation can be bought by giving them entitlements and other gratifications for their votes, the republic is in grave danger.

We may, indeed, have reached that tipping point.

If we have, and the general public is incapable of putting the welfare of our nation before their own greed, I see little hope and great trouble ahead for our country.

The United States of America is facing a critical time in its history, just as we did over 150 years ago. Then it was states’ rights and slavery versus a united republic and abolition.

Today it is a choice between a liberal, godless society, promoting abortion, immoral lifestyles and big government spending with no consideration whatsoever for a staggering national debt, as opposed to a nation turning back to God, Christian principles, common sense economics and priority of truth from our leaders.

We have a lot riding on which way our country will go. The very existence of the United States, as we know it, hangs in the balance.

Centuries ago, a biblical figure named Moses told the people of Israel they had two choices also – life in the light and love of God, or death and destruction in the darkness of sin. He urged them to choose life.

I also urge America to choose life. If we trust in God, as the motto on our money states, I’m sure America will make the right choice.

Larry Shively