Close borders to aid fight against drug problem


Governor Kasich is getting together yet another program for drug abuse while marijuana is being legalized. Sound stupid? I hear a lot of college students are applying for school in Colorado this year. I wonder why.

For 35 years, various programs against drug abuse have not worked – the Just Say No program in the ’80s and ’90s, the 1984 Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E) program – so why bother spending the money on another one?

The kids know more about the various drugs than the parents, just like generations ago. They are not stupid.

This once again proves how dumb the politicians are, whether Democrat or Republican. They keep having these programs that cost money, while drug dealers are still on the streets.

Talking about the drugs does not stop the drug abuse; stopping the source does.

The various agencies in this country from the federal government keep showing us a map where heroin and cocaine and marijuana are coming from, and show us how they are dispersing them throughout the United States as our people are being poisoned and killed. We as Americans should be outraged at the politicians for allowing this to happen.

I have tried to understand why this administration and all the ones before have not closed the borders. Every country has borders except ours. What possible reason does this government have to not do this? What is its motive?

It won’t do it. It keeps talking about it. We as citizens can’t do it. For once again we do not have a voice or the power to do it. So, what is its problem? What is the driving force for it to not close our borders?

I hold the politicians in Washington responsible for the killing of the people here in America by not closing the borders and allowing these drugs to come into our United States of America.

Ruth Lilley