Clarifying discussion of Medicare changes


Let me try once again to explain that the only Medicare program that will be reduced by the Affordable Care Act is the one that costs the taxpayers 14 percent more than the regular traditional comprehensive Medicare. That, of course, is the Medicare Advantage option that involves private, for-profit health insurance companies.

This fact is what you continue to leave out of your recent three editorials on the subject. The first one being ”Critics were right, ACA cuts into Medicare” on Feb. 27.

Furthermore, it is my understanding that it is only a cut of 2 percent, which is quite modest considering the total 14 percent cost to the taxpayer.

Again, for you, as a member of the Fourth Estate, to be an effective source of information in this democratic republic it must be a complete who, what, where and why. The ”why” in this case is to help maintain the solvency of the total Medicare Program. This is the reason for the Medicare Advantage ”funding cut” as stated in your editorial as well as previous ones.

By the way, it is not a ”supplement” to Medicare. Supplemental insurance to Medicare is an entirely different program. The taxpayer pays nothing for supplemental Medicare insurance.

Joe Evans

West Farmington