Check insurance policy on quakes


I wish that the Tribune Chronicle would make the people of our area aware of the issue of fracking. We have been having all of these earthquakes (tremors) due to them fracking in Lowellville.

However, did you know that your homeowner’s insurance will not cover your home if the earthquake is due to fracking? I called Allstate Insurance and they will not. I have Gieco and I pay for earthquake coverage and my home would not be covered either. We are going to end up with a whole area of homeless people unless they are rich and have the money to rebuild themselves.

People should be told to call their local insurance companies and ask if their home is covered in case of an earthquake due to fracking. It would not hurt for local businesses to be made aware of the same thing.

Matter of fact, would the Tribune have to rebuild its own building? Please have someone look into this. Thank you.

Dawn Devaney