Campaigning at baby benefit in poor taste


On March 15, I volunteered at a charity dinner to benefit a very sick baby. The community really showed its support, and the benefit turned out to be a wonderful success.

While there were politicians in attendance, they were there to support the cause and to help the family, just like everyone else. If you did not know these people, you would not know that they were elected officials because they did not make it known.

There is only one thing I was more than displeased with about this particular event. One person who is a candidate for an office in Trumbull County came to the event for one reason and one reason only. She came to promote herself as if this benefit was her own personal campaign dinner, distributing campaign materials and plastering everyone’s cars with her fliers.

This was in bad taste.

I quickly made up my mind after that incident that Lisha Pompili Baumiller would NOT receive my vote for Trumbull County commissioner.

Lisa Dawn Zarconi