Blizzard bags work, Internet or no


In your editorial March 7, ”Schools need to make up snow days,” at the end of the editorial it said, ”The real solution is simple – make up the days.”

Whoever wrote this is undermining the schools, parents, grandparents and most of all the students by saying these ”so-called ‘blizzard bags”’ are no substitute for the classroom and fail to reach the students in homes without Internet, technology and most of all without adequate supervision. I just wonder if the person who wrote this is a teacher, parent or grandparent.

These ”so-called ‘blizzard bags,”’ as you so abruptly put it, do not fail to reach anyone. Howland Glenn, where my 7-year-old grandson attends, sent home a letter and said if you do not have Internet connections or have access to one, they would send home the assignments necessary to be completed within two weeks in lieu of making up snow days lost due to the weather.

So far, my grandson has completed two blizzard bags of work. And as far as adequate supervision, I don’t think you are giving a good assessment in that area.

You might be speaking of a small percentage of inadequate supervision due to some parents’ inability to raise their children properly. So you cannot condemn the entire population of parents and grandparents who believe in a child’s education and want them to succeed in learning. So please do not speak for everyone.

A question of the week was also asked, ”Do you think losing 10 days of school will affect students?” and all from Champion, Warren, Cortland and Howland say no. Again, you cannot condemn the majority for a few who maybe do not care one way or another how their children do inside or outside of school.

And no kid wants to cut the spring break or summer vacation short because you believe they should make up their snow days.

These blizzard bags are an excellent idea. They’re fun to do with your child. It brings the child, parents and grandparents closer by learning together, interacting and just having fun.

So do not let one bad apple, as in that editorial, ruin it for the rest of the community of teachers and students. If everyone does their part, there is absolutely no reason to ”make up the days,” as you so simply put it.

Michael Adkins