Addict’s actions are matter for concern


I would like to comment on the recent ”news” items from paralegal Jason Burns, and now, his mother. That Mr. Burns is an addict is a sad and private matter something we the public do not need, nor really care, to know.

Publicly professing his ”disease” akin to AA ideologies is intended to be cathartic, but not in any way justify or excuse his behavior. It is not a ”get out of jail free card.” He had responsibilities to the public, and to his employer, for his behavior, and he failed.

Having a disease does not excuse one’s action. Most people don’t cry ”I have cancer!” to excuse their breaking the law, or public faith, when they screw up their job.

Why did this young man and his sadly now-deceased brother become addicts in the first place? It’s not merely a genetic defect that results in death at a young age.

In conclusion, this sad, young man and his mother need to stop making excuses by accusing the public for refusing to tolerate dangerous and illegal behavior on the public’s payroll at that and start looking inward for ways to combat the disease.

Unfortunately, it is not our problem that these young men chose to use drugs, even when given a chance to get their lives in order. Asking us to excuse them, when they make no effort to apologize or accept the full responsibility of their actions, continues the cycle of acting as victims, when they are in fact the agents of their own destructive behavior.

Get help, and look inward but not on the public’s time or money.

Carol Nelson-Burns,