Welfare road is not road to travel


We are ”celebrating” that 50-years ago, U.S. President Lyndon Johnson, declared War on Poverty. In that time period, this was soon followed by Whip Inflation Now.


With this War on Poverty, people were not going to look for work as fast as they could or should because the state or the government was going to take care of them. So, why work? With Obamacare, part-time work is now the prevailing factor to eliminate the American dream.

The war in Vietnam began to escalate and we were producing for the war effort, in most industries. Work was becoming plentiful, jobs were there if you applied for them. But the nanny state was born and being nurtured by the liberal politicians to gather votes and keep the people in their grasp; it was much easier to take without the sweat of labor.

Thus, the state of governmental dependency was gathering steam. Food stamps were being used at record rates as well as unemployment compensation. The beginning of generational reliance on give-outs was born.

Some people stopped getting educated, failing in school was increasing, school dropouts were more and more, getting people to learn trades became difficult, so many jobs were going unclaimed and more people began pushing their way in line for free handouts. Food pantries began to sprout up and the soup lines of the Great Depression returned.

With every handout people become more dependent upon taking. President Kennedy said in his inaugural speech: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Does this sound like he meant the government owes you, or that you owe your country?

Now, 50 years later, there are more people on welfare and on food stamps; some from several generations of reliance. Inequality is a word that this president uses too often. He preaches that the haves are too many and they should spread the wealth.

The nation that is overcome by taxation and government handouts will fail. Just look at Greece and look at the other highly taxed and socialized countries. They are wiped out. Even states in our own country that have liberal taxation and are handout governments are bankrupt.

Please think about what you have and what you want and on what you really require to exist. Welfare is not the road to follow. Neither is high taxation. No wonder some industries left the U.S. or go south where they can survive without undue pressure. How long will the United States of America last if we continue on this path?

— Patrick M. Liste, Girard