Return money to taxpayers


The Howland Board of Education is cutting costs, but still wanting more in taxes and levies. Here is the scoreboard:

1. $11.5 million in new taxes over 10 years going to Trumbull Career and Technical Center from Howland taxpayers (2.4 mills). By joining TCTC, the school board will lock in taxes for 10 years that cannot be voted on. What a tremendous windfall for TCTC in Champion. There will soon be ”dancing in the streets” in Champion.

2. The board of education as of Jan. 29 is is asking for an additional 3.9 mills or $20.7 million in new taxes over 10 years.

The above represents $32.2 million in new taxes, which is 6.5 mills

It should be noted that the Howland school board saved $500,000 annually through consolidation of buildings. Of course the voters turned down the tax levy, which proves again that ”necessity is mother of innovation.” By joining TCTC, they won’t have to spend another $400,000 annually. Together, this represents $9 million that will not have to be spent by the school board over the next 10 years.

This pool of money that will not be spent should be returned to the Howland taxpayers in the form of a tax levy rollback. Return this money to its owners.

This $9 million of unspent money is a lot of ”walk around money.” Again, if Howland joins TCTC, one action the board of education should enact is a tax rollback. That is the least the school board can do for Howland taxpayers.

Jack Canzonetta