Residents can help with community project


Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership (TNP) has been working to create a comprehensive inventory of Warren’s housing and residential land use, as part of the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development Community Challenge Grant, which was awarded to the City of Warren and TNP.

We believe that we are in a time of great opportunity for our city and that with the right focus and planning we can make Warren a great place to live. The next step in this process is making sure that all the people in each neighborhood have a chance to hear our information and be heard about their own ideas.

We introduced this project to the citizens of Warren last year and heard some great feedback on our neighborhoods. Now, we will share the work we have been doing and hopefully create momentum toward making each of Warren’s neighborhoods better.

In this next phase of our grant project, we are starting with public meetings on the southwest side.

Each community has strengths and assets, things that are beautiful and things that are exciting; we believe in taking those things and maximizing their potential. We want to engage folks in thinking about how their neighborhoods could be improved and how they can take things like vacant homes and overgrown lots and turn them into opportunities, rather than liabilities.

We have taken the time to really assess the situation in each neighborhood, and over the next few months we will be sharing that information with every area of the city.

We hope that everyone who is interested in making Warren stronger, and interested in being part of a brighter future, will join us to take the next step in thinking about how we use the information collected to create a positive vision and outline the steps that it will take for us to reach that vision.

The neighborhoods we have drawn reflect some of the priorities that have already been established for demolition efforts. They were named according to nearby identifying features and we recognize that not everyone will identify with those names.

We look forward to engaging in discussions to do a better job of planning for each neighborhood as defined by its own residents.

Thank you to all those who are helping us host these important meetings: King of Kings Church, York Avenue Church of God, and RBG Eatery.

The following are the times and locations for the meetings on the Southwest Side:

Jefferson School area (south of Oak Street, between Main Avenue and Palmyra Road): 6 p.m. March 10 at King of Kings, 634 Hoyt St. S.W.

Westlawn area (north of Palmyra Road and Oak Street, south of West Market Street): 6 p.m. March 11 at York Avenue Church of God, 872 York Ave. S.W.

Palmyra Heights area: 6 p.m. March 12 at RBG Eatery, 1958 Palmyra Road S.W.

Noon meeting – all areas (for those who cannot make an evening meeting): Noon March 13 at York Avenue Church of God, 872 York Ave. S.W.

I hope to see lots of folks come out to these meetings.

Marissa Williams

Community Planning


Trumbull Neighborhood