Newspaper needs to explain stance


In a recent edition of your Orchids and Onions, the Tribune Chronicle was overjoyed that the workers at Vallourec Star rejected an offer to become unionized. There was no explanation as to why your paper loved the outcome of this vote, so the implication seems to be that your paper is just anti-union and revels in any situation that supports that position. The Tribune’s strong support of anti-union, right-to-work politicians also lends credence to this idea.

I am always puzzled why multi-national corporations willingly accept unions in Europe and Asia, but fight tooth and nail when workers in this country seek unionization. The foreign automakers are good examples of this. These corporations spend millions of dollars on ”consultants” here in the United States to convince workers to keep unions out, but in their home countries, unionization is considered just a part of doing business and normal.

One of the most successful and stable companies in Trumbull County, General Motors, has been unionized since 1937 and while the Tribune is quick to praise any accolades that GM Lordstown receives, they don’t give an orchid to the union workers that work hard day and night to make GM Lordstown successful and the Chevy Cruze one of America’s best-selling vehicles. I don’t understand how the Tribune can jump for joy that unionization isn’t going to occur at Vallourec yet fail to appreciate what union workers have meant to this Valley with their spending power, tax payments and charitable contributions not only at GM but other unionized facilities as well.

Tim O’Hara