Death sentences need swift action


I’m sitting here reading the letters to the editor in Sunday’s paper, Jan. 26, about poor Dennis McGuire’s painful execution. I agree with the other writers -screw him.

He deserved what he got, but his was by no mean painful. Pain and agony is what Joy Stewart went through – her family and all the other families of murder victims go through – while these pieces of garbage are still sitting on death row. My heart goes out to these families.

McGuire’s execution was pretty swift compared to others on death row. Just ask Danny Lee Hill. Our system is flawed. We need to change it. If you’re found guilty of murder, sentence should be carried out within 30 days. No exception. No appeals.

I stated once before in a letter to bring back public hangings. The more pain and agony these murderers feel, the better. If the state is worried about the cost of an execution, I’m sure we could get volunteers for a non-extensive execution. I would volunteer and even supply the rope. We could hold them in town square once a month.

We, the people, have got to change our flawed judicial system.

Rick Smith