Creating jobs should be Obama’s focus


If Americans think that Obamacare is making things better for this country and its people, then they might want to do a little more research.

I have read that the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has now estimated that Obama’s healthcare law will result in bigger reductions in working hours than anticipated. Now, not only is Obamacare bad for the economy and for the millions of us paying more and getting less for our healthcare coverage, it isn’t going to help the job situation either.

Another twist is that rather than keeping low-wage jobs, the Democrats want to free people from them so that they can enjoy their passions rather than be locked into that job, and beware because it is the working American who will be paying for this, too.

This is when I ask repeatedly, ”Where are those shovel-ready jobs that we endlessly heard about when the president took office five years ago?” Jobs are the most important subject of the day.

Instead of working on jobs, he spent valuable time and taxpayer money on unsuccessful and costly matters, i.e. the overall stimulus, the attempt at green jobs and programs that greatly increased our deficit spending. Much of what he has done has cost more people their jobs with layoffs and plant closings that in the end affect all businesses.

With layoffs and closings, folks no longer have the money needed for Obamacare, and on top of that less money for groceries, utilities, gasoline or to make repairs to their homes, repair or buy cars, pay loans or to dine out or for recreation. We the people suffer in need, and suffering brings despair and desperation, leads to crime, and creates jealousy and animosity.

Jobs, Mr. President. Jobs should be at the top of your agenda. A person with a job has dignity and self-esteem. A job gives a person hope and promise for a better future. Without jobs and work to provide for our needs and take up idle time, we are doomed – every one of us.

Most people don’t like or want to depend on others. They want to be self-sufficient, but Washington and this administration don’t seem to understand that.

People who lose their jobs feel rejected and no longer of any value.

Obamacare could and should have been handled much differently by addressing the healthcare problems of those needing special attention, etc., but why was it necessary to turn this entire citizenry upside down?

Elizabeth J. Balson