Bridges can be rebuilt in one’s life


All of us are bridge-builders to some extent. Someone is following our path as we attempt to “bridge” the gap between this life and the one to come.

Bridges connect two locations which otherwise may not be accessible. It’s not uncommon to approach a road sign saying, “Bridge out one mile, road closed.”

That scenario applies to Randy Bryant’s experience as a “washed-out bridge,” separated from his family.

“I was addicted to drugs for 20 years,” Randy says. “I’ve broken … many hearts, and I’ve severed ties with those I loved … My life was no life.”

He goes on to relate how he sold his mother’s car at a fraction of its worth, just to get another “fix.”

But something changed when “God in His mercy reached out to me and directed my steps to the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley. I was once a conniving con; today I know I’m a child of God with hope for a better future.”

Randy goes on to relate how his addiction destroyed his relationship with his now-20-year-old son. But when his son witnessed his dad’s change of life, he said, “Dad, we can’t get back those 18 years, but we can live for the future.”

Randy says, “I never thought I’d ever hear those words come from his mouth. He’s even coming to church with me now.”

Through a miracle of God’s grace, a “bridge” has now been rebuilt!

Randy is not only a “bridge” to his family, but a shining light for many others who are coming out of “darkness.” He relates that “I have never been happier in my life. I have learned how to humble myself and to put others first, ’cause all my life it was about me; now it’s all about Jesus.”

With a joyous smile, he further exclaims, “I’m learning how to be a man of God, a husband, and a father to my kids.”

Randy recently graduated from the Mission’s one-year Discipleship Academy, and has become a full-time staff member at the Mission. His life and ministry are infectious for Christ. The glow of God’s glory in a real Christian defies human understanding and description.

“For if any man be in Christ he is a new creature; old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” (2 Cor.5:17)

Randy Bryant exemplifies how a “new life” serves as a “bridge” or connector, pointing lost souls to the Savior. His story is just another saga in history, demonstrating that the Gospel (Good News) of Christ is still the “power of God unto salvation to all who believe …”

Bill Finnigan


Biblical instructor in the

Discipleship Academy