Assets already are in Warren


Regarding ”Mayor offers update on panel’s plan,” in the Feb. 5, Tribune Chronicle, a 10-point plan:

One of the projects was to establish a farmers market. Isn’t the city aware that there already is a farmers market, which has been in existence for the past 35 years, on Main Street, known as the Warren Flea Market?

This market is open all year and has produce from a variety of vendors and farmers, along with approximately 40 vendors inside the building. In the summer, there is a huge variety of outside vendors.

There are also two restaurants inside the building. One is a Chinese restaurant, and the other serves breakfasts and lunches at very affordable prices. There is also a deli.

In the summer there is a huge amount of produce available, along with nursery vendors.

Let’s not forget the assets the city already has.

Mary E. Hughes