Voices being heard despite attacks


Another half-truth from the editors of this newspaper to attack this newspaper’s perceived enemy – the EPA.

The editors float the notion that Secretary of State Kerry and the EPA, and of course, the Obama Administration, are blocking the Keystone pipeline.

Problem is the pipeline already exists; it runs from the sand fields in Alberta, Canada, to Cushing, Okla. What Canada wants to do is expand it to reach the gulf coast through Texas and run another line from Alberta to Kansas. Simple enough.

But it’s not simple to the landowners and residents of Texas and Nebraska where the pipeline will pass through. The tar sand oil is very abrasive, and the people are worried that current pipeline technology is not sufficient to contain the crusty oil and thus will leak and ruin the environment and drinking water.

This newspaper’s editors can make this issue political to attack their favorite target, but the fact is the people of this country do have a voice (and that is becoming taboo in corporate America), and that voice in Texas and Nebraska is being heard.

Ian McAleer