Victims got the cruel, unusual punishment


I have seen so much in the paper lately about poor Dennis McGuire’s execution, and how horrible it was for him and how he suffered. Nowhere did I see mention of his victim and her unborn child.

I wonder how much she suffered while being raped and then stabbed, knowing that her and her child were dying with no help in sight. Did she get to appeal to the governor because the rape and stabbing were cruel and took her life? How many people felt that her death was cruel and unusual punishment? She had nobody to help her live and see her baby. Did she gurgle and take several gasping breaths before she died? Did her family get to say goodbye?

The prison system gives the criminals free access to a law library and dental and health benefits with the only cost being to us, the taxpayer. Prisoners are on death row 10, 20 years fighting their sentences, but that poor young lady didn’t have even an hour or two before she was brutally murdered.

So now we know that method doesn’t work too well, so go and find another way to execute the criminals, especially the ones who deserve it.

Ed McFadden