Politicians don’t care about voters


It is not called pork anymore.

No, most money that comes from Washington now comes in the form of grants.

Now I did not say all, but most. And we the taxpayer pay for them. And no one questions anything about them.

The grants make the politicians look good to their constituents’ eyes when they go home to their districts. They pose for photo-ops and actually get awards that make them look good at your expense.

The politicians in Washington no sooner get elected and instead of actually fulfilling their promises to you, they are working on the next election, which means they are always looking for your vote, and they keep telling us they know what is best for you.

They just keep taking, they do not even ask anymore. In the fine print of this new budget deal, they kept tax credits for illegal immigrants as retired vets and wounded warriors took a hit on their paychecks. Am I the only one who sees that as wrong and disrespectful to the very people who protect Washington politicians? Seems our military got screwed again.

If that is not bad enough, our Secretary of State John Kerry walking the streets along the Mekong Delta recently, pledged $17 million to Vietnam farmers. This is our ambassador who did a photo-op when he was in the Navy with the Swift Boat in Vietnam in the 1960s to further his career later in life. Well, I guess that worked out for him, he came from a privileged family.

Most of the politicians in Washington never even served in the military. The politicians in Washington never suffer and Nancy Pelosi says there is no where else to cut spending. U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma seemed to have found $30 billion of wasteful spending, from providing the Fort Hood shooter with benefits, to the study of romance novels and to help the State Department buy Facebook fans, and even help NASA study Congress, and all at the taxpayers ‘expense.

I know where to cut, their salaries. The base salary for a congressman is $174,000 a year, and they do nothing except argue and worry about the next election. I watched a congressional hearing the other day, and I saw 20 people discuss the fate of Social Security and Medicare, wanting us who paid into this to take a cut in Social Security and pay more for Medicare. No hearings on them taking a cut.

If you think the politicians in Washington are looking after your best interest, think again. Remember, they have the power, not you. They are in the position to do whatever they want with no consequences and they don’t even consult you. Try contacting them or better yet write them a letter. I see their addresses and names all the time in the newspaper, but they send you a form letter that has nothing to do with what you wrote to them about in the first place.

And a warning to the younger generation – you have been had.

— Ruth Lilley, Niles