Obligation is to editorial accuracy


Just a word of caution to your writers of editorials such as the one entitled “Obamacare warnings come to pass” in your issue of Dec. 28 where among other things you say that the federal government policy is to “Either lie about it or refuse to disclose numbers” and it would “devastate” Medicare. I don’t believe this to be true.

It is my understanding that the Medicare Advantage option costs the taxpayers 14 percent more than the regular comprehensive Medicare. Therefore, it seems to make sense to drop it in order to help save the program.

It is my further understanding that this option was established by the previous administration so that private insurance companies could make a profit since they claimed they couldn’t participate in the existing regular Medicare. This seems to have been part of an effort to move government service to the private area.

I have the greatest respect for the fourth estate in informing and educating the citizens of this democratic republic. As Thomas Jefferson said, the strength of a democracy depends on an educated citizenship. Therefore, the information provided must be accurate and complete in order to do so. Your editorial, cited above, doesn’t appear to me to have fulfilled that obligation.

Joseph H. Evans

West Farmington