Murderers deserve swift end to lives


Someone needs to help me understand why the Tribune Chronicle infers in the articles written about the McGuire execution, that the 27-minute execution of this murderer was torturous or wrong in some way, almost sympathizing with the killer.

I need to understand why the family thought this to be inhumane, McGuire Jr. stating that, ”No one should be put through such a thing.”

The facts are that the combination of drugs given to Dennis McGuire not only killed him, but also kept him in a comfortable sleep state without pain. That is more than we can say for his victims. Some bodies will react with sounds (air being released through orifices) as death approaches and will continue to do so even when the person is dead. So, why is this so disturbing to the family and media?

Have you forgotten that he raped a pregnant woman and cut her throat? She felt everything, and the baby did too. It would be horrifying to hear the sounds of terror and death coming from Joy Stewart. There is no doubt that Joy experienced agony and extreme suffering, unimaginable. No one should be put through such a thing.

Dennis McGuire deserved the death penalty. His execution was, in reality, merciful.

Many of the Tribune articles are biased. It would be nice if the full, unbiased truth could be published.

Public defender Allen Bohnert is wrong. The procedure did not fail. It was not agonizing, and it was an execution of a murderer, not an experiment. Bohnert doesn’t have an understanding of the drugs used; the doctors do.

It is truly better for society to send people like Dennis McGuire to be with their maker as soon as possible. A firing squad immediately following the sentence would be the most effective and economical, especially in DNA evidence cases.

Belinda Shields