Leaders need to know we’re smart and we care


Anyone reading this has lived a long life, and we have seen and heard and witnessed many things just like the generations before us. But the generation now most likely does not read the newspaper much.

It is not really their ”thing,” I guess, and this is sad. I really learn a lot about everything I read in the paper and keep up on the current events in the news. My teachers taught me well. But in the last 10 years what I have learned from reading and watching the news disturbs me, and it should do the same to you. No one seems to care.

There is not one country that likes or trusts us anymore. For we were once a powerful country, and foreign countries respected and feared us; this is no more. To this day we have no foreign policy.

Four Americans have died, and no one cares. I have written several letters to our government, and to my disgust, no answer – except from Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is as passionate about this as I am.

And now the truth is in about Benghazi, Libya. Within 15 minutes of the attack, Leon Panetta knew about the ”terror attack” and told President Obama. Gen. Dempsey and Gen. Hamm were also told.

With repeated attacks on our embassy for over a year, including an IED that blew a hole into the building six months before this attack, and asking for more protection, no one listened – including our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – to the four Americans killed that day, Sept. 11, 2012.

I know our government actually thinks were are not smart, but at least we know differently. The American people already knew it was a terror attack. Does that date mean anything – 9/11? And then the cover-up began, by all involved.

With Hillary Clinton as the secretary of state, why did she not know? Or did she?

I remember the commercial when Hillary Clinton was running for president, and a phone was ringing and ringing in the background, and someone was saying when an important phone call to the White House comes in, who will answer? Evidently it will not be Hillary Clinton. She will probably be too distraught.

If she decides to run for office in 2016 for the highest command of this country, knowing all this information, and you vote for her because she would become the first woman as our president – I know I have been burned by many firsts – remember she will only be former President Nixon in a pant suit.

So, to Hillary Clinton, I say ”What difference does it make?” To me, it makes a lot of difference, and it should to every American in this country, because I would like to know that we do care.

— Ruth Lilley, Niles